Stub responses with Nest.ElasticClient

We’ve started using ElasticSearch at work for some of our projects. When we started out doing simple web requests was easy enough but as the complexity of what we where doing grew it became obvious that we where starting to write our own DSL for elastic search. Surely someone else has already done this? [Read More]

Cache Fluffer / Gorilla Caching / Cache Warmer

The relatively simple introduction of a cache fluffer can make a huge difference to performance, particularly at peak load. The idea is simple, keep the cache up to do date so you don’t have to go and get data when the user requests the site. [Read More]

Samsung Chromebox with XBMC

At google IO 2012 every delegate got a free Samsung Chromebox. Personally I already have a laptop, desktop, tablet and smart phone. Why would I need a cut down desktop? It would probably be great for your Nan who has no idea what they’re doing and just wants to email the grandkids. So what should I do with this piece of hardware? Well my xbox classic is struggling to play some high def media files, it is over 10 years old, how about I use my free chromebox. [Read More]

Language Obsessed

Recently on the GOOS group discussion board there was a good debate about Acceptance Testing. Whilst much of the advice was good it amazed me how many people hadn’t looked outside of their own language community for inspiration. For instance, in the dot net world automated acceptance testing frameworks for web sites where fairly poor. However the Ruby guys nailed this a while ago so why not just use those frameworks? Take a look at WATIR for more information. When it comes to black box testing your application why does it matter what language or framework you use? If anything I’d say it’s better to test it using a completely different language. [Read More]