Antony Denyer

Tilling the land of software
  • Meditations on Block Builders

    The initial Flashbots reference builder version started with a straightforward implementation. The implementation was a fork of geth and would behave the same way; the mempool was a ‘standard’ implementation. Additional RPC endpoints were added to allow private order flow. [Read More]
  • Post EIP-1559 Ethereum Transaction Basics

    There always seems to be much confusion about transactions. The introduction of EIP 1559 has somewhat confounded this; even among people in this space, you still often hear people getting things muddled. It’s been almost three years, and people are still confused! This is my attempt to clarify the interplay... [Read More]
  • Why aren't transactions landing on chain?

    At MetaMask, we care about transactions getting on-chain. Historically, this hasn’t always been the case. The first version of MetaMask just signed transactions; you had to provide your own RPC provider. Once the transaction was submitted, it was up to the RPC to get it on-chain. We see RPC providers... [Read More]