Antony Denyer

Tilling the land of software
  • Testing Google Cloud Platform PubSub with Testcontainers

    I wanted to be able to write tests against our Google Cloud Platforms PubSub implementation. Unfortunately, the way the SDK is written, it doesn’t exactly lend itself to easy testing. It’s incredibly verbose for something that is just sending a bunch of http requests! [Read More]
  • Developer environments and production parity

    When I first started writing software, a common practice was to use an emulator or a lightweight version of something for your development environment. The most common of these were in-memory databases, things like SQLite and H2. They are lightweight, easy to use and easy to segregate. You didn’t need... [Read More]
  • Mongo $or queries are slow

    Mongo doesn’t appear to perform particularly well when querying large-ish collections with $or queries. For some reason, it can’t figure out which index to use and often ends up doing a COLLSCAN. Say you have the following document structure representing user transactions: [Read More]