Measuring response times with Grafana, Loki and structured logs

I hit a problem calculating requests per minute from a log message. I couldn’t find any information on how to do this; most people favour open telemetry. I find a lot of the time; this is overkill for what is required. Especially given the amount you have to litter your codebase with open telemetry spans and traces.

We have a structured log line as follows:

    "level": "info",
    "key": "response",
    "duration": 41.732642,

Graphing the response time was easy. We need to extract the duration from the line using line_format.

{app="my-app"} | json | key = "response" | line_format "{{.duration}}"

We can this plot that onto a graph with no problem.

response time graph

For p99 it’s a little more tricky; we need to utilise quantile_over_time. The difficulty is that you must unwrap the duration rather than using line_format.

quantile_over_time(0.99, {app="my-app"} | json | key = "response" | unwrap duration [1m]) by (app)
p99 graph

Notice here we are using a [1m]` as our unwrapped range parameter.

For requests per minute, I utilise count_over_time, which converts your log entry into a number; unsurprisingly, this is a count of your logs! Then, we want to sum them every minute.

sum(count_over_time({ app="my-app"}  | json | key="request" | [1m]))
rpm graph
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