angularjs performance tweaks

Performance tips for angularjs Two way data binding using AngularJS is pretty sweet, but it comes at a cost. When dealing with complex data structures or large lists things can get very slow very quickly. Here are some simple things you can check to give your site the performance boost it needs. [Read More]

Continuous Delivery - Chaos Build/Release Monkey

I think some people are missing the benefits of continuous deployment and are focusing on infrastructure and tools rather than process. The initial incarnation of this chain of thought was continuous integration, where by whenever you check in your code it’s built by a central server. Ensuring that your code builds with other people’s code. Then it was taken a step further by having an automated deployment process. Your code would be automatically deployed after your build & unit test has successfully run. Then people took it further and started declaratively building the infrastructure that was required to run your application. [Read More]

angularjs decorator to support ie8 catch

When using the angularjs $q library with ES3 browsers (IE8 etc) you get an ‘Expected identifier’ error when you try and use the catch method on angularjs $q library. This is because catch is a reserved word in ES3 and reserved words are not supported as property names in ES3. To get round the problem you can access the function using square bracket notation. Personally I find this kind of syntax rather ugly. [Read More]