How To: perform an 'in' query with mongo and spring-data

Unfortunately it looks like spring-data will not autowire up queries that will perform an in query under the hood.

Out of the box, you can query for ids using a CrudRepository:

fun findAllById(ids: Iterable<ID>) : Iterable<Entity>

Spring will also automatically wire up simple queries like:

fun findAllByPropertyId(propertyId: String) : Iterable<Entity>

What it won’t do is wire up fun findAllByPropertyId(propertyIds: Iterable<ID>) : Iterable<Entity>.

You must to annotate the interface method with the query you want it to perform.

@Query("{propertyId: { \$in: ?0 }}")
fun findAllByPropertyId(propertyIds: Iterable<ID>) : Iterable<Entity>
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