Antony Denyer

Tilling the land of software
  • Out of band caching

    One of the things we try and do is always keep our site up, sounds simple right? One way to achieve this is to have a good caching policy. Here’s what we do: [Read More]
  • Double Entry Accounting and TDD

    Double-entry bookkeeping system A double-entry bookkeeping system is a set of rules for recording financial information in a financial accounting system in which every transaction or event changes at least two different nominal ledger accounts. At it’s simplest you have two ledgers when you make an account transaction you make... [Read More]
  • Red feature tests are pointless

    We’ve spent a lot of time recently on fixing up our automated feature tests (AATs). The problem has been that these failing tests have blinded us to real problems that have crept into live systems. The usual answer is to ‘just run them again’ and eventually they go green. The... [Read More]
  • MVC and our interpretation at 7digital

    Introduction The following details concepts that have been adopted on the site I’m currently working on. This was born out of a discussion that took place among the devteam at the time. Differences in phraseology and meaning were ironed out to come up the following definitions and responsibilities. [Read More]
  • Resolving an open generic type with Castle Windsor

    One of things I wanted to do the other day was resolve an open generic interface. Or more specifically resolve a generic type at runtime. This is what we came up with: var argumentsAsAnonymousType = typeof(IHandler) .MakeGenericType(instance.GetType()); var concrete = IoC.Container.Resolve(argumentsAsAnonymousType); The first problem was resolving an open generic type,... [Read More]