making the perfect cup of tea

George Orwell - A Nice Cup of Tea Essay is often refered to. However, since the original essay was written the invention of the tea bag has changed the way most people in the England make a mug of ‘builders’ tea. This is how I make the perfect cup of tea.

Mug temperature

In the winter it’s important to pre-heat your mug with a swill of boiling hot water. Otherwise your tea will go cold too quickly.

Tea bags

Tea bags contain the worst possible quality tea, it’s the left over tea leaf dust that goes in. To ensure a clean cuppa you need shake those bags of. Three shakes, as always, should suffice.


Put the milk in first. Many people find this odd. Personally I find the ability to separate concerns about strength and milk quantity an important one. For my tastes there should 50ml of milk in the cup along with the tea bag.

Hot water

Pour boiling hot water over the tea bag causing it to expand and brew. If you’re feeling really adventurous you can play chase the click (not dissimilar to chase the flush). When you boil the kettle remove it from the stand (and therefor the power) and start pouring. If you’ve got it right the kettle will click off in your hand. Very satisfying.

Let it brew

Stir the tea bag in the cup until the tea is at the desired strength.

Remove the tea bag and enjoy.

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