Antony Denyer

Tilling the land of software
  • ServiceStack the way I like it

    Over the last month we’ve started using ServiceStack for a couple of our api endpoints. Here’s a breakdown of how I configured ServiceStack to work the way I like it. Hopefully you’ll find this useful. ##Overriding the defaults Some of the defaults for ServiceStack are in my opinion not well... [Read More]
  • Run All sql files in a directory

    Create a a batch file and change the params accordingly to run all sql files in a directory agaisnt your db
  • Stub responses with Nest.ElasticClient

    We’ve started using ElasticSearch at work for some of our projects. When we started out doing simple web requests was easy enough but as the complexity of what we where doing grew it became obvious that we where starting to write our own DSL for elastic search. Surely someone else... [Read More]
  • Cache Fluffer / Gorilla Caching / Cache Warmer

    The relatively simple introduction of a cache fluffer can make a huge difference to performance, particularly at peak load. The idea is simple, keep the cache up to do date so you don’t have to go and get data when the user requests the site. [Read More]