Null Object Patern And Kotlin

By default, Kotlin is null safe. It means that you have explicitly state that you want a type to be nullable. For example, the compiler will stop you from doing stupid things. For instance you can’t do var name: String = null you need to explicitly say you want your string to be nullable var name: String? = null. Then when you try and access it, the compiler will force you to act Only safe (?.) or non-null asserted (!!.) calls are allowed on a nullable receiver of type String?. [Read More]

running an image on kubernetes with an interactive shell

If you have an existing kubernetes cluster that you are using you may need to get a shell running from inside that cluster to help you debug things. In my scenario access to an ethereum client was locked down to only allow access from the cluster IP address. [Read More]

The Value of Functions

With the emergence of FaaS entering the mainstream, we are starting to see some real world business value in using such an architecture. Many of the benefits of using FaaS are discussed elsewhere: [Read More]