Antony Denyer

Tilling the land of software
  • nuget Update-Package with a filter

    One of my biggest annoyances about nuget and powershell in general is the lack of universal support for unix like features such as pipe and grep. Lets say you have a solution with multiple projects in and you want to update to the latest versions of your internal dependencies, you’d... [Read More]
  • making the perfect cup of tea

    George Orwell - A Nice Cup of Tea Essay is often refered to. However, since the original essay was written the invention of the tea bag has changed the way most people in the England make a mug of ‘builders’ tea. This is how I make the perfect cup of... [Read More]
  • HOWTO: Deploy mono web applications with capistrano-mono-deploy

    I’ve recently been working on a capistrano gem to help with mono deployments. I’ve had a bit of experience trying to get capistrano to work with non-rails environments, basically it can be a bit of pain if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Also most of the beginners tutorials are... [Read More]